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Meet the Creator

I’m Anita, a Chartered Accountant and creator of this website. I qualified over a decade ago and I started this website to share clear, straightforward and – most importantly – accurate information relating to accounting, bookkeeping and financial reporting.

My purpose is to create the resource I wish I had when I was learning accounting.

When I’m not creating content, you’ll find me at the gym, out for a walk or relaxing with a cheeky glass of champagne in hand. I live in London with my ever-supportive husband, our faithful dog Carlos, crazy cat Eddie and Princess Speedy the beautiful Roborovski hamster.

New to Accounting? Start with these beginners guides

Source Records

Get started on your journey to learn accounting with this tutorial introducing you to the starting point for every transaction in the financial statements!

Books of Prime Entry

The first step in bookkeeping starts with the books of prime entry. In this guide I’ll show you exactly what these books are and what they look like.


From T accounts to double entry bookkeeping and debits and credits, these easy to follow guides will have you sailing your way to trial balance stage.

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